Why become a Prakriti Member?

  • As a member of Prakriti world, you will be able to provide real feedback and receive information from real people both professional advisers as well as other members of the Prakriti community. 
  • Membership is completely free and members get the chance to rate and rank products as well as view other ratings and reviews in order to choose the best products for their individual needs!
  • By providing this platform we hope to create a sense of trust between us and our members. We are committed to providing high quality customer service and products and doing our best to make your life easier!
  • We know that many of our customers have very busy lives and reordering every month or two can be a hassle. For this reason we offer an auto-refill service for Prakriti members. This service is tailored to each member's needs and each member can decide how long or how often to use this service. 
  • In addition, as a member you can save your previous purchases or wish list items on your profile instead of having to remember every detail!
  • Last but not least, our members accumulate loyalty points with each purchase! These points can be used for discounts and other special offers showcased in our newsletters.